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Awnings, Shades and Shutters! Retractable Awnings Solar Sun Shades and Screens Security Roll Shutters CLICK FOR YOUR FREE CUSTOM QUOTE TODAY! best retractable awnings Ultimate Shading Solutions! for patios, decks, windows and doors Add a family room within 60 seconds without the cost of construction! Beat the Heat with Style! Enjoy Cool Refreshing Shade. Add value and style to your home. Block the Sun not the View Shade, protect and enhance your view with Solar Sun Shades/Screens Reduce room temperatures up to 25% protecting your furnishings from fading. Cool Never Looked so Good! They keep rooms cooler in summer & warmer in winters Reducing heating and air conditioning costs Protection, Shade & Security Custom rolling security shutters for San Diego homes & business. Beautiful solutions for security, privacy and energy savings!
Retractable Awnings

Custom retractable awnings without the custom built cost. Enhance architectural design through endless selections of shapes, sizes & color choices. Cool the temperature of your San Diego home or business.

Solar Sun Screens

The largest selections of  solar sun screens and shades in San Diego! Create a clean, modern look, protect furniture and floors from harmful UV rays, control glare and reduce cooling costs – all while preserving your view. Motorized solar sun shades are also available.

Security Roll Shutters

Security roll shutters can greatly reduce burglaries for your home safety in San Diego. Research shows, according to the FBI, there is one burglary every 15 seconds across the United States. Over 61% of these burglaries were accomplished by forced entry.

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Our Sun Control Products specialists will help you find the right awning, sun screen shade or security solution for your specific needs, what are your concerns?

  • keeping the heat & sun out of your home or business
  • preventing sun damage to flooring, furniture & interiors
  • creating shade for your patio area
  • avoiding glare on your television, computers & electronics
  • providing indoor privacy while still maintaining the view
  • preventing the sun from rotting wooden windows & doors
  • keeping outdoor or indoor areas cooler
  • controlling the amount of sun & heat that enters your space
  • providing room darkening for home theaters, conference rooms etc
  • reducing energy costs & consumption

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Sun Control Products is committed to protecting our environment, see how!

  • Awning fabrics & Solar Sun screen textiles are “GREENGUARD” certified
  • Sun screen textiles carry OEKO-TEX label
  • Sunbrella fabrics are recycled into felt, insulation, padding & novelty yarns
  • Packaging materials & office waste are reclaimed & recycled into a variety of products
  • Sunbrella’s unique coloring process creates no wastewater from dyeing
  • Sunbrella’s dyeing process substantially reduces water & energy consumption
  • Acrylic fabrics block 98% of UV rays & earned Skin Cancer Foundation’s Endorsement
  • GREENGUARD products tested & screened for over 10,000 airborne chemicals
  • Awnings, shades and shutters conserve energy & can reduce air conditioning loads up to 50%
  • Awning & Sun screen textiles meet strict emissions levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOC’s), formaldehyde & phthalates

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Consider this, ask our Sun Control Products specialists about Awnings, Solar Sun screens & Security Roll Shutters

  • California Energy Commission agrees shade products keep interiors 20% cooler
  • Shade products reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your interiors in summer
  • Retractable awnings, sun screens, shades and shutters allow control of the sun reducing heating use & costs in winter
  • Sun Control awnings, shades and shutters can reduce heat gain as much as 77%-85%
  • Awnings, shades and shutters conserve energy & reduce air conditioning loads up to 50%
  • Shading from the outside will absorb & reflect up to 95% of sun’s radiance
  • Sun screens and shades keep sun & heat out, allow light in, no need for energy/costs to run lights
  • Stop the sun before it hits your windows & doors
  • Awning shaded areas are 20% cooler
  • Awnings and solar sun screens provide up to 98% UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun

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Awnings, Sun Screens, Shades & Security Roll Shutters

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