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Extend your outdoor living space & protection from the sun with style in San Diego!

Retractable Awnings are the ultimate shading solution for your patio, deck, windows & doors. Creating a beautiful outdoor environment is as simple as extending your awning.  It’s like adding a family room without the cost of construction! Retractable awnings can be fully or partially retracted or completely tucked away. Now you can beat the heat & enjoy cool refreshing shade in your San Diego home residence, literally within seconds.

Our retractable awnings are beautiful and a comprehensive line . We provide our valued customers the best selection of retractable awnings at the best prices from the top American & European awning manufacturers & suppliers, recognized internationally for their superior engineering & quality. Our retractable awnings cannot be surpassed for their combination of quality, craftsmanship, beauty, reliability, affordability, simplicity & safe easy operation. Backed by the best  awning warranties in the industry, from 5,10,15 years & lifetime.

Awnings by Sun Control Products are designed for maximum shade & sun protection. They block 99% of harmful UVA/UVB rays protecting you & your interiors from the suns damage. Awnings, just like outdoor air conditioning, keeping your shaded areas up to 20 degrees cooler. Awnings reduce blinding sunlight & glare through doors & windows up to 94%, reducing heat gain as much as 77%-85%. Awnings help lower your energy costs as much as 30% during hotter months! (see “greenhouse effect” on our “energy study” page).

Awnings for San Diego home owners and business can be custom fabricated to your specifications using the finest  awning fabrics & specialized awning hardware in the industry. Sunbrella is the world leader in high performance awning fabrics, offering a collection of over 150 designer styles & colors. (see our awning fabric collection page). Our awning fabrics are 100% solution dyed acrylic, impervious to rot, mildew, fading, cracking & peeling, fire resistant, water repellant, fast drying & easy to care for (unlike inferior brands). All seams & hems are either sewn with PTFE thread, or welded. Sunbrella is GREENGUARD & Skin Cancer Foundation certified (see our “Going Green” page).

Specialized awning hardware & lateral arms are made of the highest quality & strongest forged powder-coated extruded aluminum available. Awning hardware is finished with aircraft quality enamel, baked onto the material making it corrosion & rust resistant, available in numerous designer colors. Awning arms are self supported with high-tension heavy duty steel springs (no need for poles). Double stainless steel aircraft cable systems & stainless steel chain tension systems provide superior strength for awnings. Even the smallest awning components, fasteners, pins, bolts are stainless steel, assuring you the best quality awning, out performing & outlasting all other awnings for San Diego home owners and business.

Retractable Awning operation is easy come…easy go. Operate them manually with a hand crank or by motor. Motorized “options” are powered by a hidden Somfy tubular motor, world’s leading manufacturer.  Awning motors operate by switch (hard wired) or by “optional” remote control. Intelligent “optional” sun & wind sensors automatically detect weather conditions, extending or retracting your custom awning even when you’re not home! Additional awning component options include timers, multiple group controls, manual over ride motors, hoods, drop down screens, valance styles, & graphics (see our electronics/options page).

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